IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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Climb Updated: 28 Apr 2021   Responsible Operator Michael Taraba OE1MTS
Supporting Organisation Space Tech Group Austria, Association for Space Research, (STG-A)  
Contact Person michael.taraba@stg-a.at.nospam  
Headline Details: A 3U CubeSat mission. Mission Description: Phase 1. Launch (~500km), early operation and commissioning phase Phase 2. Apogee raising with a thruster up to max of ~1500km Phase 3. Science phase, measurements of radiation and magnetic properties in the inner Van-Allen-Belt Phase 4. Perigee decreases with the thruster Phase 5. Mission End with the burn-up in the earth atmosphere. Digipeater: The digipeater-function will be enabled time dependent in phases where the power budget is positive. Proposing a UHF downlink for beacons and housekeeping using 9k6 GFSK and S Band using 2Mbit/s for beacons, science data and digipeater- Planning an ISRO launch at end of 2021 into a 1500x500km polar orbit. . See: https://cubesat.fhwn.ac.at/climb/ More info at www.stg-a.at **Downlinks on 436.670 MHz and 2442.000 MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 24 Apr 2021   Freq coordination completed on 01 Jan 1970

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