IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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STEP-1 Updated: 29 Aug 2014   Responsible Operator Bong-Geon Chae DS4GZD
Supporting Organisation Chosun University, Gwangju, Republic of Korea  
Contact Person cbg2369@naver.com.nospam  
Headline Details: This 1U CubeSat mission of the STEP Cube Lab. is to verify core space technologies researched in universities and industries, and verifying those technologies on-orbit. Followings are the payloads which will be verified on-orbit. 1. Holding & Release Mechanism 2. Oscillating Heat Pipe Verification 3. Variable Emittance Radiator Verification 4. MEMS Thruster Verification 5. Concentrating PhotoVotaic(CPV) Verification Requesting a UHF frequency for 9k6 MSK telemetry. Planning a July 2015 launch from India into a 600km sun synchronous orbit. Fellow passengers may include Hausat5, Trio-Cinema, CNUsail-1 & Canival ** A downlink freqeuncy of 437.485MHz has been coordinated
Application Date: 03 Aug 2014   Freq coordination completed on 08 Aug 2014

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