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Geoscan-Edelveis Updated: 17 Nov 2022   Responsible Operator Leonid Kashturov R1BGU
Supporting Organisation Geoscan Ltd  
Contact Person l.kashturov@geoscan.aero.nospam  
Headline Details: This 3U mission is to test CubeSat platform: to get an experience and to educate ourselves in making and operating Cubesats. Our main goal is to create a platform for educational and popularization activities, like engineering, programming and radio amateur communication. Working with universities and middle-school students we want to give them motivation to participate in CubeSat development and operation process. Also, the goal is to get experience as radio-amateurs and to popularize this knowledge to local amateurs. We would like to see our mission as self- training platform for our operator and local radio-amateurs to operate the satellite and ground station. This mission will serve radio amateurs around the globe in many ways. We already have our own QSL cards to give to amateurs which would like to communicate with our satellite. Firstly, it will translate CW Morse code. Secondly, telemetry information will be shared in AX25 packets to all radio amateurs and networks, and everyone will be able to receive and decode our telemetry data, what we really anticipate. Packet format and decoder for our messages will be freely available on our website: geoscan.space as well as on SatNogs database. Our website will also update with more information for amateurs to communicate with Geoscan-Edelveis during the mission. Our systems have ability to be updated from the Earth if needed. Proposing a UHF downlink using 9k6 GFSK and one on X-Band using 250/125kb GFSK. Planning a launch from Baikonur into a 600 km SSO on 7th August 2022 together with CubeSX-HSR-2, ReshCube and UTMN.**More information has been requested from the group** **Coordination of downlinks on 436.200 MHz and 10492.00 MHz has now been provided**
Application Date: 22 Jun 2022   Freq coordination completed on 17 Nov 2022

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