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QUBIK-3/4/5/6 Updated: 30 Sep 2022   Responsible Operator Pierros Papadeas SV1QVE
Supporting Organisation Libre Space Foundation  
Contact Person pierros@libre.space.nospam  
Headline Details: The project mission is for the satellites to conduct a series of telecommunications related experiments, while at the same time, ground station analysis of the received signals will try to exploit doppler variations in order to perform orbit determination and satellite identification from radio amateur stations around the world. The telecommunication experiments will use several different modulation, coding and framing schemes, with the intention to provide insights about their performance at nano-pico-satellite missions. In addition the frame itself will be organized in such a way so spacecraft identification can be performed as early as possible from the PHY (using orthogonal or PN sequences). Four 50x50x50mm cubes.QUBIK 3, 4, 5, 6 are direct copies of the unfortunate lost QUBIK 1 and 2 that failed to reach orbit on the inaugural launch of Firefly Alpha The research on satellite identification and localization experimenting with different modulations and variations of them is done by radio amateurs for radio amateurs around the world advancing the radio technique. Full information about the experimentation, ways to get involved, and access to the QUBIK building and operating community of radio amateurs can be found here: https://qubik-documentation.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ Proposing UHF downlinks with a variety of GFSK, GMSK, QPSK and BPSK modulation and data rates from 9k6 to 57k6, using CCSDS (residual or suppressed carrier), IEEE 802.15.4 (preamble, sync) or AX.25e.space framing schemes. Planning a Firefly launch from Vandenberg into a 300km polar orbit in December 2021. **Corrected downlinks on 435.240 MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 22 Sep 2021   Freq coordination completed on 30 Sep 2022

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