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STARS-II Updated: 09 Apr 2012   Responsible Operator Masahiro Nohmi JR5YAT
Supporting Organisation Kagawa University  
Contact Person nohmi@eng.kagawa-u.ac.jp.nospam  
Headline Details: “STARS-II” consists of Mother Satellite (MS) and Daughter Satellite (DS) connected by tether. Mission will include formation flight, tether deployment, attitude control and taking pictures of each other. Proposing 80mW CW beacon and 800mW AX25 1200bps telemetry downlink - all as STARS-I. Total mass 8 kg. Planning a 2011/12 launch into a SSO at 600-800km. ** Coordinated frequencies for CW 437.245MHz for mother satellite and 437.255MHz for daughter satellite. FM downlinks 437.405MHz (mother) and 437.425MHz (daughter)** More info from http://www.kagawa-u.ac.jp/english/ ** New launch arrangments now planned 400km orbit at 65 degree inclination in 2013 on a HIIA rocket
Application Date: 03 Dec 2011   Freq coordination completed on 23 Mar 2012

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