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PQ-Gemini++ Updated: 10 Aug 2010   Responsible Operator Richard Speck K0HWA
Supporting Organisation Micro-Space Inc  
Contact Person rpspeck@hotmail.com.nospam  
Headline Details: A proposal for four 2 inch cubesats each having a mass of 120gms and carrying the following experiments: Magnetic Torque despin and attitude stabilization. Record Magnetic Induction Proximity Tracking data.Phase Lock 300 Baud Data stream of satellite group and Phase Lock RF with mathematical offsets. Optically verify Attitude Control. Monitor Deorbit Drag deployment. Student Experiments = TBD Proposing to use simplex UHF frequencies with 300Bd BPSK telemetry and 300Hz FSK beacon both with 10mW output to a monopole. Commanding would also be on UHF. 700km sun synchronous orbit with launch in late October 2010 by Dnepr from Yasny Russia. ** Co-ordinated freqeuncy of 437.525MHz has been provided**More information from www.micro-space.com
Application Date: 29 May 2010   Freq coordination completed on 09 Aug 2010

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