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CSIROSat-1 Updated: 02 Nov 2020   Responsible Operator William Cowley VK5DSP
Supporting Organisation University of South Australia & CSIRO  
Contact Person bill.cowley@unisa.edu.au.nospam  
Headline Details: A 3U CubeSat mission. CSIROSat-1 will perform hyperspectral infrared imaging of the earth for scientific research purposes. Image data collected by CSIROSat-1 will be made publicly available, its benefits include: • Monitoring of canopy water content – related to fire risk estimation • Monitoring of soil moisture in areas of low vegetation (fallow fields) • Water content in vegetation (signs of drought stress) • Status of vegetation (ground cover, chemical composition) • Heat signatures from bushfires • Pasture biomass and pasture growth monitoring in beef, sheep and dairy • Cloud and aerosol detection for atmospheric/climate studies – e.g. cirrus cloud for tropical cyclone and cloud formation studies In addition, CSIROSat-1and associated ground support systems will provide opportunities for: • An experimental two-way link for amateur operators to exchange short messages through a ‘ping-pong’ arrangement of data exchange - A project website will inform users in advance as to what days this ‘public’ mode of operation is open – anticipated almost daily throughout the mission • Participating in WIA annual conferences (and/or a similar webinar as need be) to inform the radio amateur community on how to access data from the mission and receive unencrypted packages from TT&C and use of the ‘ping-pong’ arrangement proposed above • Engagement with the SatNOGS community and setting up of CSIROSat-1 dashboard within SatNOGS to allow decoding the of the satellite TT&C data • Setting up CSIROSat-1 portal for public data access to acquired hyperspectral images from the cubesat • Support of a guided visit/tour to our mission control centre by radio amateurs • Participation in other relevant STEM activities as they arise Proposing a 9k6 FSK downlink. Planning a launch from Cape Canaveral in March 2021 into an ISS orbit. **A downlink on 437.315 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 30 Sep 2020   Freq coordination completed on 02 Nov 2020

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