IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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STARS-Me2 Updated: 09 Dec 2019   Responsible Operator Shuhei Ohhori JJ2YRH
Supporting Organisation Shizuoka University  
Contact Person ohhori.shuhei.15@shizuoka.ac.jp.nospam  
Headline Details: A 1U CubeSat. Pictures taken by the camera mounted on the satellite are transmitted to the earth using AX.25 packet communication. Those pictures are: the earth taken from the space and the deployed robot taken from the main body of satellite. 1. The packet reception success rate at receiving ground stations is measured. The success rate is measured for every baud rate of 1.2kbps, 9.6kbps and 115.2kbps. 2. The coding gain of the error correction scheme is measured on downlink. 3. The reception performance with polarization diversity at multiple terrestrial receiver stations (developed by amateur radio operators) is evaluated. For the evaluation ground stations capable of receiving vertical and horizontal linear polarization waves, and circular polarization wave are prepared. (Evaluated by the number of successful received packets.) 4. A large data such as images is transmitted to the ground stations. The above items are expected to be tried by many amateurs, then technical data and knowledge exchange can be expected. Proposing UHF downlinks with CW, 1k2 AFSK, 9k6 FSK and 115.2 bps GMSK capability. Planning a deployment from the iSS NET Q3 2020. **Downlinks on 437.350 MHz, 437.400 MHz and 437.200 MHz have coordinated**
Application Date:   Freq coordination completed on 09 Dec 2019

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