IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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SALSAT Updated: 23 Nov 2020   Responsible Operator Sebastian Lange DL7BST
Supporting Organisation Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin (TU Berlin)  
Contact Person LANGE@tu-berlin.de.no spam  
Headline Details: A 24x24x25 cm 11.5 kg microsat. SALSAT is a Spectrum AnaLysis SATellite. The main objective is an analysis of the actual used (amateur & scientific) spectrum to obtain a better understanding of the current challenges of frequency coordination. Spectrum data will be made available to the interested public. Proposing a UHF downlink using 1k2 and 2k4 AFSK. Planning a launch from Plesetsk between May and July 2020 into a 610 km polar orbit. More info from https://www.raumfahrttechnik.tu-berlin.de/menue/research/current_projects/salsat/ **A downlink 435.950 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 15 Jan 2020   Freq coordination completed on 06 Jun 2020

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