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Violet (2015) Updated: 29 Jul 2020   Responsible Operator Padraig Lysandrou KC9UUS
Supporting Organisation Violet Lab Cornell University  
Contact Person PSL58@cornell.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: **Updated from 2010** A 50cm cube, 45kg mass satellite proposing 9k6 UHF GMSK simplex packet links with 5 watts of RF downlink power. The Violet mission begins in Launch Phase. All spacecraft components are completely unpowered. The batteries are partially charged. When the solar panels become illuminated which disengages the inhibit switch. When the switch disengages, the batteries begin to top-off, and the power board begins to count down our 30 minute communications blackout. After the blackout, the power board supplies power to the antennae which begin transmitting the real-time state of health beacon. Violet is thermally and power stable in this configuration. This begins the Initialization Phase. Initialization Phase The powering on of our antennae enables communication with the ground. During Initialization Phase, ground operators will establish a communication link with the ground segment. Violet will be commanded to execute preloaded checkout and calibration procedures of all hardware. Following checkouts, Violet will be commanded to spin up CMG rotors to detumble, enter a sun-pointing configuration, establish a GPS navigation solution, and dump momentum. Steering Law Experiment Phase In this phase, Violet uses a star tracker and fiber optic gyro for fine attitude estimation and propagation, allows guest investigators to utilize multiple CMG arrays to test and validate CMG steering laws, maintains a communication link, downlinks data for use in steering law validation over multiple orbits, acquires the sun and charges batteries when necessary, and unloads momentum when necessary. End of Life End-of-life begins after the completion of all mission objectives. Ground operators power down all systems as required by requirement SYS 2.1. More information is available at http://cusat.cornell.edu/violet ** A downlink frequency of 437.405 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 28 Feb 2015   Freq coordination completed on 22 Mar 2015

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