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Velox-P Updated: 12 Dec 2011   Responsible Operator Vu Bui 9V1SG
Supporting Organisation Nanyang Technological University  
Contact Person tdvbui@ntu.edu.sg.nospam  
Headline Details: Our first nanosatellite mission VELOX-P is to develop and orbit a CubeSat for technology demonstration, to test in-house attitude determination and control system, power subsystem, and to support a dual-FOV sun sensor payload. The Cubesat VELOX-P will be launched into experimental high inclination circular orbit at 300km on an Interorbital flight from off-shore California with a number of other spacecraft. For its 8-12 weeks in orbit, VELOX-P will log telemetry data from its various subsystems and send them down to our mission control center for analysis. The study of in-orbit telemetry from this mission would help in designing of our next nanosatellites. A downlink of 145.980MHz has been coordinated
Application Date: 02 Dec 2011   Freq coordination completed on 12 Dec 2011

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