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SUPERNOVA-BETA Updated: 11 Aug 2015   Responsible Operator Tim DeBenedicts N/A
Supporting Organisation Pumpkin Inc  
Contact Person timd@southernstars.com.nospam  
Headline Details: Test flight of multiple subsystems on the SUPERNOVA 6U bus developed by Pumpkin, Inc, including structure, EPS, GPS, ADACS, CDH, and imagers. The Spacecraft will contain three comms systems. One is transmit-only; the other two are transceivers: 1) Tx-only beacon radio operating at 435 MHz, 1200 bps AFSK modulation, output power 2W. Used to transmit basic health/status data every 30 seconds and operate worldwide, continuously, except if commanded to be shutdown (via commands sent on Globalstar or S-band). Uses patch antenna with 150° beam (half-power width), peak gain 2.5 dBi. Emission: 25K0G1D. 2) Duplex Globalstar modem designed for satelliteto- satellite communication with the Globalstar commercial satellite network. Used for continuous TT&C purposes worldwide. Tx on 1610 MHz, Rx on 2483.5 MHz; modulation is CDMA. Will use patch antenna with near-180° beam. Emission: 1M42G1D 3) S-band transceiver, inactive except when passing over ground stations. Used for high-bandwidth data transfers over ground stations. Tx on 2257.9 MHz, OQPSK modulation, 1.0 Mbps data rate, 4W output power. Rx on 2097.7 MHz, BPSK modulation, 64 kpbs data rate. Will use patch antenna with 70° beam (half-power width). Emission: 200KG1D The spacecraft will contain an active attitude control system. All antennas are patch designs, fixed-body mounted, nadir-facing. Expecting to launch from Hawaii into a 430x505km polar orbit. Also on same launch are expected: HiakaSat, EDSN, Argus, PrintSat & STACEM ** A downlink frequency of 437.570MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 11 May 2015   Freq coordination completed on 11 Aug 2015

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