IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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UCISAT-1 Updated: 23 Apr 2010   Responsible Operator Matthew Bennett KF6RTB
Supporting Organisation University of California -Irvine  
Contact Person bennettm@uci.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: UCISAT-1 is designed to capture digital imagery with an on-board CMOS camera, and relay those images along with telemetry, power, and attitude information via 1200 baud FM digital in the 435-438MHz band to the UC Irvine Ground Station. During flight, the attitude determination system will ascertain the appropriate instant when the CMOS camera will be oriented toward earth’s surface during axial spin. At that instant, the image will be captured, compressed, and stored until download is requested by the ground station, or uploaded schedule engages transmitter. During non-requested or scheduled transmissions, the satellite will broadcast a digital beacon consisting of the UCISAT-1 identifier and telemetry as it orbits Earth.** Now planned for a late 2010 launch into a 310km orbit on a Neptune 30 launcher from Tonga**
Application Date: 08 Feb 2005   Freq coordination completed on 20 Feb 2005

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