IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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Dragsail-CubeSat Updated: 14 May 2017   Responsible Operator Andrej Konforta DF3AK
Supporting Organisation QB50 & FH Aachen  
Contact Person compass2@fh-aachen.de.nospam  
Headline Details: A 3U CubeSat in orbit demonstration of thin film solar cells and de-orbiting mechanisms. Proposing to use 2.4GHz CDMA spread spectrum 1Mbps downlinks and uplinks with a V/U multimode backup communications system.** Downlinks on 437.300MHz, 2403MHz and 2405-2445MHz for Gamanet have been coordinated**
Application Date: 15 Oct 2013   Freq coordination completed on 03 Feb 2004

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