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SATLLA-2 Updated: 04 Dec 2021   Responsible Operator Yosef Pinhasi 4Z1VC
Supporting Organisation Ariel University  
Contact Person benmo@g.ariel.ac.il.nospam  
Headline Details: A 2P picosat 5x5x10cm 300 gram. The satellite’s mission is an educational one. This satellite was designed and constructed by students. The aim is for the satellite to introduce the students to the “new-space” frontier - with a hands-on practice. The cubesat’s LEDs will flash brightly enough to be seen by an earth located telescope - as the SATLLA-2 passes across the night sky. SATLLA-2 will take low-resolution photos and will broadcast the photos over the amateur radio. SATLLA-2 will broadcast a signal over amateur radio with its position in orbit and data from its sensors (battery status, gyro, gps) SATLLA-2 will relay short messages over amateur radio with format. Proposing UHF and S Band downlinks using LORA from 476bps to 9k6 bps. planning a SpaceX launch into a 410 km 52 degree orbit in December 2020. **Downlinks on 437.250 MHz and 2401.000 MHz have been coordinated** ** Launch plans have been updated to be: January 10th 2022 and 525km - 550km (SSO), via Falcon 9**
Application Date: 17 Sep 2020   Freq coordination completed on 26 Oct 2020

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