IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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Cubesat XI-V Updated: 12 Jan 2005   Responsible Operator Akito Enokuchi JQ1YCX
Supporting Organisation Intelligent Space Systems Lab - Univ of Tokyo  
Contact Person Yuliang Cheng JO1ZPG liang@space.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp  
Headline Details: A cubesat project - a follow on to the Cubesat XI-IV launched in 2003. Will incorporate a CMOS image sensor, Li-ion batteries, Si and CIS solar cells. Will downlink data and telemetry on 70cms packet. Launch now planned for mid summer 2005 from SSETI Express on a Cosmos launch. Planned lifetime of on-board systems: 3 months. Originally coordinated on 22/03/2004 for a Rokot launch in autumn 2004
Application Date: 01 Dec 2003   Freq coordination completed on 01 Jan 1970

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