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LightSail-B (now LightSail -2) Updated: 07 May 2017   Responsible Operator Alex Diaz not applicable
Supporting Organisation California Polytechnic State University  
Contact Person rmunakata@eclipticenterprises.com  
Headline Details: The LightSail-B project will demonstrate the ability to implement a controlled change to orbital parameters due to solar radiation pressure on the solar sail. The sail is a 32 m2 and is deployed from a 3-unit CubeSat platform. Lightsail-B will be manifested as part of Georgia Insitude of Technology’s Prox-1 through Air Force Office of Scientific Research on STP-2. Prox-1 spacecraft will deploy from the launch vehicle and a few weeks later Lightsail-B will deploy from a PPOD stowed inside PROX-1. Following deployment from PROX-1, LightSail-B will power on engineering subsystems, and a system checkout will be performed. It is anticipated that solar sail deployment will occur approximately three weeks after deployment from PROX-1. Following sail deployment, engineering telemetry and imaging of the sail deployment event will be downlinked and orbit raising operations will begin. Proposing to use 9k6 GMSK downlink and requesting reuse of 437.325MHz. Planning a 720 km x 24 degree orbit.** A downlink on 437.325MHz has been coordinated** ** A Revised downlink on 437.025 MHz has now been coordinated** Anticipating an early 2018 launch.
Application Date: 09 Jan 2016   Freq coordination completed on 07 May 2017

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