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AOBA VELOX IV Updated: 11 Apr 2016   Responsible Operator Amy Wong
Supporting Organisation Nanyang Technological University, Singapore  
Contact Person amywong@ntu.edu.sg.nospam  
Headline Details: The main mission of AOBA VELOX IV is to develop and orbit a CubeSat in low Earth’s orbit (LEO) for technology demonstration - to observe Lunar Horizon Glow. For individual natural people who are interested in radio technique solely, this radio communication service is open to community, telemetry data at receiving ground station is observable and carried out by authorized persons. Proposed space station used to capture image of horizon while passing from day side to night side and to capture Earth night view image via low-light camera. For observation of Lunar Horizon Glow, need to orient a camera toward the limb before sunrise or after sun-set. Altitude control and 2 axis stabilize is needed to orient a satellite toward the limb. The CubeSat AOBA VELOX IV will be launched into a 230km perigee and 630km apogee orbit with 97.4 deg. For its 1 year in orbit, AOBA VELOX IV will log telemetry data from its various subsystems, conduct some experiments and send the data down to our mission control center for analysis. The study from this mission would help in designing of our next LEO nanosatellites. A 2U cubesat with a proposed UHF 9k6 GMSK downlink using AX25 packet. Planning a launch from Japan in Jan 2018 together with Origamisat-1. ** A frequency of 437.225MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 31 Mar 2016   Freq coordination completed on 08 Apr 2016

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