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Hiakasat Updated: 18 Jan 2015   Responsible Operator Jeremy Chan WH7LG
Supporting Organisation Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory, University of Hawaii at Manoa  
Contact Person jeremych@hsfl.hawaii.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: The HawaiiSat-1 mission HiakaSat satellite will is the University of Hawaii first microsatellite class satellite. The mission will develop and demonstrate an experimental COTS satellite bus which will be carrying an experimental hyperspectral imaging system The experimental thermal hyper-spectral remote sensing payload is called the “Space Ultra-Compact Hyperspectral Imaging System” SUCHIS is being developed by the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology “HIGP” at the University of Hawaii The key difference that SUCHIS has from other similar remote sensing technologies is its ability to operate without cryogenic cooling. The satellite itself is being built completely with commercial or industrial grade commercial off the shelf components. Operation of the satellite in space will demonstrate whether the components will be viable for use on future flight missions. The mission development and operations will serve as a learning experience for University of Hawaii students, as well as an outreach tool to promote STEM activities. Amateur radio volunteers, coordinated by the Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory, will be primarily involved with operating and gathering telemetry from the satellite. The satellite will be launched into a polar elliptical orbit. The worst case apogee and perigee are 550km and 450km respectively. The spacecraft will be 45 kgs and approx 24x24x17 inches. ** The group is proposing to use 9k6 GFSK on uplinks and downlinks on both VHF and UHF A high speed S Band downlink using High Rate Telemetry Downlink: Data Rate: 1.5Mbps Modulation: QPSK FEC: Viterbi r=1/2,k=7 ITU Emission Designator: 1M50G1DDN is also proposed. More info at http://www.hsfl.hawaii.edu **Now expected to launch NET June 2015**
Application Date: 17 Sep 2012   Freq coordination completed on 15 Sep 2012

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