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OrigamiSat-1 Updated: 31 May 2018   Responsible Operator Hiroki Nakanishi JQ1YCZ
Supporting Organisation Tokyo Institute of Technology  
Contact Person nakanishi.h.af@m.titech.ac.jp.nospam  
Headline Details: A 3U CubeSat spacecraft The missions are: Membrane deployment mission: To contribute to the realization of future applications, an highly functional membrane structure is deployed, and its deployment behavior and deployed shapes are measured in orbit. Space-demonstration scheme development mission: To obtain space-demonstration scheme for researchers of space deployable structures, commercially available components are used or developed. Amateur radio mission: To enhance radio communication skills, 5.84 GHz high-speed transmission from space is used The Origamisat system consists of four major subsystems: bus, membrane deployment system, extendable camera system, and ground station. For the bus, most components are composed of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components. This design aims at facilitating the future space demonstration of advanced space deployable structures by university/company researchers. The membrane deployment system deploys a membraneboom integrated structure. Its membrane folding pattern, called rotationally skew folding, enables the attachment of thin-film devices on the membrane, such as thin-film solar cells and thin SMA antennas. The deployable camera system takes pictures of the deployed membrane on orbit. It has an approximately 1 m length deployable mast, and the camera is installed on the tip of the deployable mast. Propsing a 5.84GHz downlink with 115kbps data rate and a 1k2 AFSK downlink on UHF with a CW beacon. Planning a launch in late 2018 into a 500km circular orbit at 98 degree inclination together with Nexus. . More info from http://www.origami.titech.ac.jp ** Downlinks on 5840.000 MHz and 437.505 MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 20 Oct 2017   Freq coordination completed on 26 Oct 2017

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