IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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FEES Updated: 09 Jul 2018   Responsible Operator Roberto Navoni IU2IOL
Supporting Organisation GP Advanced Projects srls  
Contact Person r.navoni@virtualrobotix.com.nospam  
Headline Details: 4a Mission(s). Describe in detail what the space station is planned to do. Use as much space as you need. A 0.3U CubeSat mission. The objectives are: 1. The satellite will provide a beacon and telemetry data for which amateur satellite users will be able to receive. 2. Test the capabilities of reusable flight platform, which consists of TMTC module, onboard computer, Power system, ADCS (Attitude Determination and Control System), Antenna deployment system, radiation monitoring and payloads. 3. Test the capability to transmit TMTC command through the Iridium satellite network. 4. Test LoRa transmission protocol to increase link budget. 5. Test a SDR build upon a Raspberry Pi Zero. 6. Detect the TID thanks to a dedicated radiation monitoring experiment. 7. Take and transmit picture of the ground. The satellite will have a UHF downlink in the 435-438 MHz band, and two UHF uplink in the 435-438 MHz band and in the 1260-1270 MHz band. Planning a sun synchronous polar orbit with a 10:30 LTDN at approx 575km with launch on Mid 2018 onboard Unisat 7 on a Falcoln 9 launcher. Proposing a 9k6 BPSK downlink on UHF. **A downlink 437.200 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 14 Aug 2017   Freq coordination completed on 09 Jul 2018

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