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Aalto-1 Updated: 03 Jun 2013   Responsible Operator Timo Nikkanen OH2EGZ
Supporting Organisation Aalto University, School of Electrical Engineering  
Contact Person timo.nikkanen@gmail.com.nospam  
Headline Details: Aalto-1 will be the first satellite of Finland. The main mission is the technology demonstration of three payloads: The miniature radiation monitor (RADMON), the Fabry-Perot filter based Aalto Advanced Spectral Imager (AASI) and the Electrostatic Plasmabrake, which is used for a deorbiting experiment. Aalto-1 is a student centered project. The vast majority of the satellite is completely designed and built by students of Aalto University and students of other universities in Finland. The project also promotes engineering and science for to-be-students and the general public. It will be a 3 axis stabilised 3U CubeSat with a 437MHz transceiver using either 9k6 FSK or 11.8wpm CW. Additionally data will be transmitted on S-Band with 1.5W of 1Mbps MSK data using a patch antenna.More info from https://wiki.aalto.fi/display/SuomiSAT/Summary and see https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9SJ8FHoqwj-eVR2SzhrWFFTZTA/edit?usp=sharing **Downlinks on 437.220MHz and 2402.00MHz have now been coordinated**
Application Date: 06 Mar 2013   Freq coordination completed on 03 Jun 0013

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