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myPocketQub 391 Updated: 13 Feb 2011   Responsible Operator Chantal Cappelletti 2E0CCX
Supporting Organisation Gruppo di Astrodinamica Universit√† degli Studi Sap  
Contact Person MPQ391@myPocketQub.com.nospam  
Headline Details: myPocketQub.com is a project to design and launch an open source satellite using only open source or free tools. Every part of the process is being documented and made freely available on the web to allow others to duplicate, enhance and launch their own satellite design for amateur radio communications and space systems education and experimentation. myPocketQub 391 is based on the myPocketQub.com reference hardware and will carry a payload computer that we hope up to 365 members of the public will be able to write software for and run on-orbit for 24 hours. It will also carry an experimental APRS digipeater (for telecommand only) and two ChipSats as additional payload. It is planned that it will be launched into a 700km sun synchronous low earth orbit from Russia in December 2010. Proposing an APRS TX on board on 145.825MHz also a UHF TX with 50kHz bandwidth. ** Co-ordinated downlinks on 145.980MHz and 437.425MHz. Also DSS on 437.305-437.405MHz.** More info from www.guassteam.com
Application Date: 11 Nov 2010   Freq coordination completed on 26 Jan 2011

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