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ENSO Updated: 06 Nov 2023   Responsible Operator Sebastien Hesse F4HUH
Supporting Organisation University of Montpellier – University Space Center of Montpellier (CSUM).  
Contact Person sebastien.hesse@umontpellier.fr.nospam  
Headline Details: A 1U CubeSat mission: 1)The ENSO mission aims to help characterize the ionosphere by providing a signal to SANSA ground station (SENAE IV Antarctic) that measure solar activity and its impact on Earth. 2) RadioHam, The RadioHam community will be able to request the activation of the payload beacon at the desired time and location outside of scientific mission activation requirements. Note that the HF beacon cannot be available a few days a year during SANSA station maintenance periods. (Periods of inactivity will be communicated on the CSUM website and on CSUM social networks) 3) Educational, About fifty students participated in the development of the platform. As part of their training, a module is allocated to the initiation to amateur radio. In addition, we pass the license to around ten students each year with the ANFR (French administration).The HF ENSO beacon is an opportunity for the radio amateur community to explore and characterize the propagation channels in the ionosphere (reflection and propagation) on white areas where there is no radiofrequency coverage (oceans, deserts, poles, etc.). And of course, at the same time, to calibrate their own HF ground station. Finally, modules compatible with SatNogs will be made available to the community to simplify data acquisition. Proposing a downlink on UHF using GMSK at 2k4 or 9k6 with AX25, and a beacon on 14.099 MHz (This frequency is chosen to be compatible with the SENAE IV ground station and secondarily with SuperDARN network ground stations.) Planning a launch in Q4 2023 by SpaceX from Vandenberg into a 520 km polar orbit. More info from http://csu.edu.umontpellier.fr/ ** A downlink on 436.500 MHz has been coordinated and beacon operating at 14.099 MHz has been noted. The group has been advised that the transmissions of this beacon should be terminated in case of interference to the International Beacon Project****Now planning a launch on the Transporter 9 mission on November 29th 2023**
Application Date: 02 Aug 2023   Freq coordination completed on 06 Nov 2023

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