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Duchifat3 Updated: 29 Nov 2019   Responsible Operator Shamai Opfer & David Greenberg 4Z1WS & 4X1DG
Supporting Organisation Herzliya Science Center  
Contact Person 4z1ws@amsat.org.nospam & david.greenberg@bezeqint.net.nospam  
Headline Details: A 3U Cubesat. With three missions which will operate in parallel (1) high-school students educational satellite (2) on-board camera for earth imaging (3) amateur radio transponder and APRS digipeater Main transceiver uplink in VHF and downlink in UHF. If tests go well, a second transceiver will provide APRS digipeater in VHF, 145.825MHz for intersatellite communications, and both uplink and downlink from amateur radio ground stations. Proposing a V/U FM transponder which can alternately downlink telemetry using 9k6 BPSK with AX25. No launch yet defined but expected to be 500-600km approx SSO in late 2018. ** A downlink on 436.400 MHz and a FM repeater uplink on 145.970 MHz have been coordinated** ** Now planning to launch on PSLV C48 mission in December 2019 but the APRS payload will not be included**
Application Date: 17 Oct 2017   Freq coordination completed on 22 Nov 2017

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