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LightSail-A Updated: 11 Jul 2014   Responsible Operator John Bellardo KK6HIT
Supporting Organisation CSC Department, Cal Poly  
Contact Person bellardo@calpoly.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: The LightSail-A project will demonstrate the deployment of a 32 m2 solar sail from a 3-unit CubeSat platform. Following deployment from the launch vehicle, LightSail-A will power on engineering subsystems, and a system checkout will be performed. It is anticipated that solar sail deployment will occur approximately two weeks after launch. Following sail deployment, engineering telemetry and imaging of the sail deployment event will be downlinked. Proposing a 435MHz downlink using 9k6 G3RUH FSK packets with 1.5 watt RF output. Planning to launch from Vandenberg into a 470x780km orbit with a 63 degree inclination. Expecting to share the launch with Fox-1, BisonSat, ARC1, CADRE, R2S, PTecSat, PSAT, BricSAT,USS Langley in December 2014 ** A downlink frequency of 437.435 MHz has been co-ordinated**
Application Date: 23 Jan 2014   Freq coordination completed on 11 Jul 2014

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