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qbee01/SW01 Updated: 01 Dec 2015   Responsible Operator Leif Carlsson SA2AXL
Supporting Organisation QB50 & Luleå Tekniska Universitet (LTU)  
Contact Person leif.carlsson@ltu.se.nospam  
Headline Details: qbee is a QB50 cubesat mission with the following objectives: O1: Perform atomic oxygen measurements using FIPEX and communicate them to the ground. FIPEX is a sensor unit provided by QB50 to perform atomic oxygen measurements. Its measurement is key in the correlation and validation of atmosphere models as well as the erosion of spacecraft surfaces due to interaction with it. In this mission, behaviour of atomic oxygen will be measured and relevant data will be collected for academic study. O2 (educative objective): Test OC-OBC easy payload integration for future educative payload developments from students, research institutions, SMEs and entrepreneurs. Payload integration and embedded software is one of the major barriers that new developers face when trying to build a satellite out of off-the-shelf parts and qbee wants to solve this with an OBC and interfaces that when combined with ground hardware and open software will allow “plug and fly”. O3 (technological objective): Test OC-OBC performance in space conditions. In this mission, OC OBC will be tested to verify its operating performance including data management, interfaces, thermal behaviour and processor performance among others in space environment. This will allow to ensure that future missions using this subsystem rise the rate of success that space asset developers from students enthusiasts to proficient researchers and organizations deserve. O4 (educative objective): PhD students will gain experience on satellite design, integration, testing and operation. This project will allow PhD students in LTU to develop skills and knowledge in real space systems, complementing their academic formation. The collaboration with the industry, suppliers and new space businesses will enrich their experience contributing to the consolidation of a growing nanosatellite sector in Europe. After launch and commissioning of the satellite and during nominal operations, qbee will run the scientific campaign and the OC testing campaign. The OC testing campaign will last until end of mission which will allow to analyse the lifetime and performance of the OC OBC along the mission. Planning a UHF downlink using GFSK at data artes of up to 115k2. More info at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8OfDquwQ8P_ek9HU2Ytb2owSjg/view ** A downlink on 435,800 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 12 Nov 2015   Freq coordination completed on 30 Nov 2015

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