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ArtSat-1-Invader Updated: 22 Apr 2014   Responsible Operator Akihiro Kubota Not yet available
Supporting Organisation Tama Art University  
Contact Person kubotaa@tamabi.ac.jp.nospam  
Headline Details: A 1U cubesat with 1.5kg mass. This satellite is developed by Tama Art University. We think we would like to contribute for amateur radio community from the view point of Art field using this satellite. Our satellite has 3 missions. First, we install some sensors to our satellite and utilize these data for ART WORK. For example, by creating the Lightning Equipment which changes color according to the satellite temperature data at the day and distributing to people, we try to make more people get interested in satellite and amateur radio. Second, we install small camera(150pixel*150pixel) for acquiring the earth image for utilizing for ART WORK. Third, we install Digi-talker, which transmit the voice data in FM wave. We plan to transmit sensor data by Digi-Talker. Three UHF downlinks are proposed including one CW beacon, one 1k2 AFSK data transmission and one FM Voice transmitter.Planning a launch from Tanegashima into a 400km circular orbit with 65 deg inclination. Sharing a launch in 2014 with STARS-II, TeikyouSat-3, KSAT2, OPUSAT, ITF-1 More information from http://idd.tamabi.ac.jp ** REVISED** Downlink frequencies of 437.325MHz and 437.200MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 11 Apr 2012   Freq coordination completed on 03 Feb 2013

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