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CubeSAIL Updated: 11 Jul 2014   Responsible Operator Martin Sweeting G3YJO
Supporting Organisation The Surrey Space Centre  
Contact Person m.sweeting@surrey.ac.uk.nospam  
Headline Details: A 3U CubeSat project with a 6kg mass. A: Technology Demonstration 1: Deployable Sail- The CubeSail satellite will deploy a large (up to 5x5 metre) square aluminised Kapton sail, using novel CFRP deployable booms. B: Technology Demonstration 2: Solar Sailing - The CubeSail mission will demonstrate ‘solar sailing’ in LEO by utilising the solar radiation pressure on the reflective sail to change its orbital inclination. C: Technology Demonstration 3: Attitude Control CubeSail is equipped with 3-axis-stabilizing attitude determination and control system. A novel capability of this system is pointing via a centre-of-mass/centre-of-pressure (COM/COP) offset. D: Technology Demonstration 4: Drag Deorbiting -The satellite will deorbit much more quickly than otherwise due to its deployable sail. Satellite pointing will be optimized by the attitude control system for maximum drag. D: Outreach - The satellite will provide beacons for which amateur satellite users and ham radio users will be able to receive. Proposing a 9600 Bit/s AX.25 RC-BPSK downlink on VHF.Planning a SSO at 680km from a Indian launch in Dec 2014. More info at www.cubesail.net Expecting to share the launch with Deorbitsail mission. **A downlink frequency of 435.240 MHz has been co-ordinated**
Application Date: 15 May 2014   Freq coordination completed on 11 Jul 2014

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