IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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Hades Updated: 25 Apr 2020   Responsible Operator Felix Paez Pavon EA4GQS
Supporting Organisation AMSAT-EA  
Contact Person felix.paez at amsat-ea dot org  
Headline Details: A 1.5 p Pocketqube.Main mission for Hades satellite is offering radio amateurs a linear transponder for bidirectional SSB/FM/CW and digital modes communications as well as testing the platform for future amateur satellites. **A downlink on 436.888 MHz and an uplink on 145.925 MHz have been coordinated** Regenerative repeater capabilities and limited experimental store and forward functionality will be provided as well. A camera is expected to fly as experimental payload. Proposing a V/U linear transponder, a regenerative transponder for FM/FSK/ASK and 0.05kbps-125kbps ASK/FSK/PSK telemetry, store&forward and data transmission from ground stations. Planning a launch into a polar 400/500 km orbit together with EASAT-2, Sanosat-1 and others in Alba Orbital cluster 3 launch. More info at 3e Web site URL https://www.amsat-ea.org/
Application Date: 28 Mar 2020   Freq coordination completed on 25 Apr 2020

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