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UKube-1 with FUNcube-2 Updated: 20 Oct 2012   Responsible Operator Michael Potts MM0GUX
Supporting Organisation University of Strathcylde & the UK Space Agency  
Contact Person mikey.potts@btopenworld.com.nospam  
Headline Details: UKube-1 is a demonstration cubesat mission designed to provide a platform for up to three technology demonstrator payloads. In addition to these payloads the satellite will incorporate innovative attitude determination and control systems, deployable arrays, FPGA on board mission controllers. There will be four communications systems: + A commercially sourced U/V transceiver using either 1k2 or 9k6 BPSK for downlinks + A FUNcube compatible U/V transponder and telemetry transmitter provided by AMSAT-UK for educational outreach, amateur transponder operation and redundant telecommand. + A 1 watt S Band transmitter from Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, for high data rate mission data downlinking using up to 1 Mbps QPSK or OQPSK modulation. + myPocketQub 442 SuperSprite AU on UHF with 11mW output using spread spectrum with 100kHz bandwidth. Expected to launch by Soyuz-2 from Baikonur in March 2013 ** Frequencies have been coordinated as follows: Telemetry downlink 145.840MHz, FUNcube-2 sub system beacon 145.915MHz and transponder downlink 145.930 -145.950MHz. Revised Transponder uplink 435.080 -435.060MHz. S Band downlink 2401.0MHz and myPocketQub 437.425-437.525MHz** More information is available at http://www.ukspaceagency.bis.gov.uk/21973.aspx
Application Date: 05 Feb 2011   Freq coordination completed on 12 Feb 2011

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