IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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ContentCube Updated: 27 Apr 2024   Responsible Operator Kevin Sterne K4KDJ
Supporting Organisation inspireFly at Virginia Tech  
Contact Person ksterne@vt.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: Content-Cube is a 1U CubeSat built and designed by inspireFly at Virginia Tech, with help from Bronco Space at Cal Poly Pomona. The satellite is based on Bronco Space’s PROVES Kit. However, the inclusion of a novel payload board makes this mission uniquely distinct not only from Bronco Space’s missions, but from every CubeSat mission flown so far. The payloads mission is to take a picture of a display screen on the satellite, allowing for a “selfie in space.” Conte-Cube is being launched on a Falcon-9 Rocket, where it will be transferred to the International Space Station. It will then be deployed from the ISS, after which it will wait 30 minutes before turning on and beginning its mission. Content-Cube is composed of two internal PCBs, the electrical power system (EPS) and the Flight Controller. There will be four external solar panel boards, on the +- XY faces, the Payload board will be on the +Z face, and the -Z face will have the EnduroSat UHF III Antenna. Content-Cube is a 1U CubeSat built using Bronco Space’s PROVES Kit. The novel payload of a display screen, camera, and boom arm to allow for a selfie to be taken makes it unique among other Cube-Sats. The novel mission of taking a selfie in space has made Cube-Sats interesting for the average person, as it is a mission that is easily related to. Communication with the ground station will be handled through the RFM96W radio module. Communications will be done through in the 435 MHz amateur band. Data will be transmitted in AX25 packets through a GMSK signal at 9600bps. IF allowed, a data rate of 19200 bps will be used for transmitting image data. Planning a Nanorack launch in Q3 2024 More info at https://github.com/inspireFly-VT **A downlink on 437.020 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 09 Mar 2024   Freq coordination completed on 27 Apr 2024

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