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Robusta-3A Updated: 27 May 2024   Responsible Operator Sebastien Hesse F4HUH
Supporting Organisation University of Montpellier – University Space Center of Montpellier (CSUM).  
Contact Person sebastien.hesse@umontpellier.fr.nospam  
Headline Details: A 3U CubeSat. TheROBUSTA-3A missions are: 1) RadioHam: Store & forward repeater, refer to 5.5 paragraph for more details. 2) Educational: No less than 300 students participated in the development of the platform. As part of their training, a module is allocated to the initiation to amateur radio. In addition, we pass the license to around ten students each year with the ANFR (French administration) and 3 new operators at CSUM. 3) Technical validation mission: An S-band transmitter is on board operating in commercial band for test purposes. This payload will not be controlled by the amateur radio band. The HAM radio messaging system provides a message-exchanging service between amateur radio users using Robusta satellite missions as relays. The main purpose of the system is to enable HAM radio operators to send and receive messages from anywhere in the world without having a direct (end-to-end) connection between them. The messaging system uses a method called ‘store and forward’ to provide this service. Messages are transported to the relay station (satellite) by a radio link, and from one geographical location to another, by the satellite orbital movement. A user sends a message to the satellite during a pass and the message is stored in the satellite’s memory. The satellite then moves on its orbit, making the stored message available for other HAM radio operators. Users can request messages to the satellite which, in turn will check if there are any stored messages available for that particular operator. Finally, the message is transmitted and it arrives at its destination. Proposing a UHF downlink using 9k6 GMSK with AX25. Planning a launch on Ariane 6 maiden flight from Kourou into a 580 km circular 96 degree orbit together with GRBBEta and ISTSAT. More info at https://csum.umontpellier.fr/en/nanosatellites-projects-our-3u-projects/ **A downlink on 436.750 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 25 Apr 2024   Freq coordination completed on 27 May 2024

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