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TJ3Sat Updated: 10 Aug 2009   Responsible Operator Joy Lee KI4GZZ
Supporting Organisation Thomas Jefferson High School  
Contact Person Adam.Kemp@fcps.edu.nospam jlee7@tjhsst.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: Mission Plan: To develop primary educational resources for space and satellite design in the fields of science and engineering. The cubesat is expected to broadcast speech converted from a text string that is transmitted by the ground station. However, the main mission of the satellite is to develop resources that other students can use in the development of their own satellites and in their exploration of space. Also, for those students attending schools that do not have the capability to launch their own satellite, the TJ3Sat is designed to interest students in space by providing them with an opportunity to interact with a satellite. Speech and packet downlink on UHF.Planned for a December 2008 launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base 610 km Circular 98.2 deg orbit. 437.320MHz downlink has been coordinated. More info at tj3sat.wikidot.com
Application Date: 10 Apr 2008   Freq coordination completed on 14 Apr 2009

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