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STRaND Updated: 23 Aug 2011   Responsible Operator Prof Sir Martin Sweeting G3YJO
Supporting Organisation Surrey Space Centre  
Contact Person m.sweeting@surrey.ac.uk.nospam  
Headline Details: A triple cubesat mission with four main objectives: A: Technology Demonstration 1: Rapid autonomous commissioning The space station is planned to demonstrate advanced autonomous commissioning techniques, including new attitude determination and control and detumble technologies B: Technology Demonstration 2: In-orbit approach and inspection The space station is planned to demonstrate miniature propulsion systems to approach the rocket body from which the station was deployed, and take images of the rocket body using an onboard camera. C: Technology Demonstration 3: High performance computing and IEEE 802.11b/g networking. The space station is planned to demonstrate the operation of high performance, lower power consumption processors onboard for complex tasks. D: Outreach The space station is planned to take images of the Earth from space, and downlink a compressed digital version of the image. Additionally, users may upload their own digital content (for example JPEG imagery, short videos etc.) to be downlinked by other users. A software-based speech synthesiser will be included to pay homage to the UOSAT family of satellites. Proposing to downlink on UHF at 9k6 or 19k2 data rate AX25. No launch has yet been confirmed but the spacecraft is intended for a sun synchronous LEO at a height of approx 550km. ** A downlink frequency of 437.575MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date:   Freq coordination completed on 20 Aug 2011

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