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PSAT3 Updated: 04 Oct 2019   Responsible Operator Todd Bruner WB1HAI
Supporting Organisation US Naval Academy  
Contact Person Todd.Bruner@gd-ais.com  
Headline Details: Part of the APRS constellation. A transponder to continue the Space Digipeating mission on 145.825. Added experiment also lets radio users enter APRS data with DTMF, not just APRS radios. Mission duration only a few months until deorbit due to low altitude Proposing 145.825 MHz AX25 and APRS 1k2 FM. PSAT3 is the functional equivalent to PSAT2, but without PSK31 functionality. Also, instead of being a free-flier 1.5U cubesat, it will be an attached payload built into a cubesat style deployer PPOD look-alike. It will not deploy but will remain attached to the upper stage rocket body until de-orbit in a few months. Instead of a deployment door for internal cubesat separation, the only thing deployed will be a pair of orthogonal 20” Nitinol VHF whip antennas. Launch and orbit details remain to be confirmed. More info at http://aprs.org/psat3.html **Coordination has been provided for up and downlinks on 145.825 MHz** **SSTV has been added to the downlink capability**
Application Date: 08 Sep 2019   Freq coordination completed on 30 Sep 2019

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