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TY2 -TY3 -TY4 -TY5 -TY6 Updated: 30 Jun 2017   Responsible Operator Qingche Chen BA7CK
Supporting Organisation Hunan Amateur Radio Society  
Contact Person ba7ck1@126.com.nospam  
Headline Details: A constellation of five similar 6U CubeSat spacecraft intended to: 1.Carry out synchrotron ionospheric transmission detection experiments based on multi-satellite and multi-band with the same GPS time base. 2.Carry out amateur HF/VHF/UHF re-transmitting experiments in any narrow-band mode. 3.Carry out communications experiments between inter-satellite amateur loads, LIFI high-speed digital downlink and CW lamp signal communication experiments. Proposing downlinks on 437.5 MHz using 9k6 GMSK and on 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz using 5Mbps OFDM. Planning a launch on 15th Sept 2017 into a 500km circular orbit at a 97.4 deg inclination. ** Frequency coordination has been provided for each of the spacecraft as follows: for up and downlink 435.350 MHz(TY2) 435.875 MHz(TY3) 435.925 MHz(TY4) 436.025 MHz(TY5) 436.100 MHz(TY6) , for up and downlink 2403.000 MHz(TY2) 2406.000 MHz(TY3) 2409.00 MHz(TY4) 2412.000 MHz(TY5) 2415.000MHz(TY6), for downlink 5833.000 MHz(TY2) 5836.000 MHz(TY3) 5839.000 MHz(TY4) 5842.00 0MHz(TY5)5845.000 MHz(TY6) and for uplink 5653.000 MHz(TY2) 5656.000 MHz(TY3) 5659.000 MHz(TY4) 5665.000 MHz(TY5) 5667.000MHz(TY6)**
Application Date: 09 May 2017   Freq coordination completed on 29 Jun 2017

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