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EASAT-2 Updated: 25 Apr 2020   Responsible Operator Felix Paez Pavon EA4GQS
Supporting Organisation AMSAT-EA  
Contact Person felix.paez at amsat-ea dot org  
Headline Details: A 1.5p Pocketqube. Main mission for EASAT-2 satellite is to provide radio amateurs a LEO orbital linear transponder so bidirectional communications are possible in its footprint. Limited experimental store and forward capabilities will be provided as well. Secondary missions include analyzing the data sent in the telemetry so students can check and improve the platform for future uses in other radio-amateur satellites. Proposing a V/U linear transponder, a regenerative transponder for FM/FSK/ASK and 0.05kbps-125kbps ASK/FSK/PSK telemetry, store&forward and data transmission from ground stations. Planning a launch into a polar 400/500 km orbit together with Hades, Sanosat-1 and others in Alba Orbital cluster 3 launch. More info at 3e Web site URL https://www.amsat-ea.org/ **A downlink on 436.666 MHz and an uplink on 145.875 MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 28 Mar 2020   Freq coordination completed on 25 Apr 2020

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