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Aeneas Updated: 24 Jul 2012   Responsible Operator Rohan Ramadas KJ6PVS
Supporting Organisation University of Southern California  
Contact Person rramadas@usc.edu, rohan.ramadas@gmail.com  
Headline Details: A 3U CubeSat, the Aeneas mission is to prove the concept of WiFi based tag tracking from Low Earth Orbit using the first ever 0.5 meter dish deployed from a cubesat.Small 1 watt asset tags are on the ground and a similar transceiver is in feedpiece of the deployed dish in the spacecraft vehicle. The satellite will surface track the position of the tag and close the link. Planning to use a UHF AX25 1k2 Bd beacon every 10 secs and a spread spectrum 2 way link elsewhere on in 70cms. The WIFI transmitter will transmit on 2425MHz with 1 watt of output power. Planning to launch on August 2nd 2012 from Vandenburg AFB into a 880x450km 60.4 degree inclination orbit.** Adownlink freqeuncy of 437.60MHz has been coordinated** CP5, Cinema, CX5N, CSSWE, Horus, Re, ORSES and Aerocube-3 are expected to be deployed from the same launch. More information at www.isi.edu/serc
Application Date: 01 Jul 2012   Freq coordination completed on 23 Jul 2012

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