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CatSat Updated: 25 Apr 2020   Responsible Operator Christopher Walker K7CKW
Supporting Organisation The University of Arizona  
Contact Person cwalker@as.arizona.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: A 6U CubeSat mission. The primary mission of this satellite is to train students and radio amateurs in the design and operation of satellites and associated communication systems. The satellite operations are organized as three experiments 1) Test the deployment and evaluate the performance of an inflatable high-gain spherical antenna from a cubesat. If successful, such an antenna could greatly impact future amateur satellite designs. 2) Demonstrate high data rate communications and video imaging from a cubesat to ham stations and to 6.1 meter dishes of the Arizona Array manned by students. This will involve learning to use DSP on the AstroSDR board, and it will serve as a DVB-S2 test signal source for the phase 4 team working toward advanced amateur satellites in high orbit. 3) Experiment with HF communications propagation to space from ham stations on 40, 20, 17, 12, and 10 meter bands transmitting WSPR, FT8, etc. This is structured so the amateur with only a HF station and no satellite equipment can participate as can the most sophisticated. Proposing UHF downlink using 9k6 or 38k4 GMSK but will also relay WSPR and FT8 signals from HF. Planning a launch from Vandenberg in early 2021 into a 580 km polar orbit. Fellow passenger with Cute. ** Downlinks on 437.185 MHz and 10470.00 MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 16 Feb 2020   Freq coordination completed on 25 Apr 2020

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