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LEV-1 Updated: 28 Jan 2022   Responsible Operator Naoto Usami JQ1ZVI
Supporting Organisation JAXA Ham Radio Club  
Contact Person usami.naoto@jaxa.jp.nospam  
Headline Details: Lunar Excursion Vehicle-1 (LEV-1) is the small probe on the Japanese Lunar landing mission SLIM. JAXA Ham Radio Club is going to utilize the flight demonstration opportunity of the LEV-1 mission to conduct the following amateur radio missions.Plnning a launch on a JAX H3 vehicle in Q1 of 2023 into a 5.15 degree lunar transfer orbit (i) To conduct technological research with respect to receiving ultra-weak UHF signal from a space probe on the moon surface. CW morse beacon contains housekeeping data. PSK and PCM/PSK/PM signals include detailed telemetry data of LEV-1. Analog FM signal is utilized to send outputs of 3-ch accelerometer for observation of landing. (ii) To conduct an outreach activity providing amateur radio operators all over the world with an opportunity to try to receive signals from moon region. In these days, there are various mission to send signals from the moon region. The remarkable feature of LEV-1 mission is that it will send familiar CW morse beacon and very weak PM signals from the moon surface. This opportunity will provide inspiration and best practice for the amateur operators to skill up. (1) Approaching to the moon before separation from SLIM: a few days from launch (2) Exploring on the moon after landing: one month. (until the LEV-1 system runs down due to device failure with the high temperature.) The detail is as follow: 1. (T= - X min (TBD)) UHF ON (URX ON, UTX ON) 2. (T = 0) Separation from SLIM 3. (T = 1~10 seconds) Landing, Acceleration information is sent on Analog FM signal. 4. (T < 10min) Attitude is autonomously recovered. 5. (T = 10 min) Analog FM is turned off, and telemetry signals (CW, PSK and/or PM) are turned on. 6. (T = 10~40 min) LEV-1 autonomously seeks SLIM and sends photo images of SLIM by STX. 7. (T = 40 min~2 hr) Battery charging with static attitude. 8. (T = 1 day ~ 14 days) LEV-1 continues to move randomly for the demonstration of actuation system until the LEV-1 system runs down due to the device failure with the high temperature. 9. (T = 14~) Even if LEV-1 is alive, it goes the sleep mode due to night on the moon. After breaking dawn, restart command is sent to confirm its status. LEV-1 will transmit through UHF antenna the satellite beacon and real time housekeeping data at 31, 31.25 or 32 bps. More info at https://robotics.isas.jaxa.jp/lev/LEV_HAM_Club.html **A downlink on 437.410 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 01 Dec 2021   Freq coordination completed on 01 Jan 1970

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