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ANTELSAT Updated: 12 Jun 2013   Responsible Operator juan Pechiar CX5BT
Supporting Organisation ANTEL  
Contact Person pechiar@fing.edu.uy.nospam  
Headline Details: Antelsat is a 2U CubeSat class satellite developed by Antel (the national telecom service provider) and FING (Facultad de IngenierĂ­a de la Universidad de la RepĂșblica; i.e. the State Faculty of Engineering). The purpose is to build and operate the first satellite ever launched into orbit by Uruguay. Its goal is to develop skills in radio and aerospace engineering, to promote enthusiasm in STEM education at all levels, and provide challenging activities for undergraduate students. The spacecraft is planned to transmit colour and infrared images of the surface of the earth, and to provide several services to radio amateurs (AX.25 digipeater, telemetry beacon, uplink signal report, SSTV downlink). The mission is purely experimental and a technology demonstrator of all the satellite subsystems, which have been custom designed locally. Brochure: http://iie.fing.edu.uy/investigacion/grupos/lai/files/ANTELSA T_brochure_2012W01.pdf Planning CW, 1k2 AX25 and SSTV UHF downlinks plus a 1Mbit GFSK/MSK S Band downlink. Planning a DNEPR launch from Yasny. **A CW downlink on 437.280MHz, main downlink on 437.575MHz and an S Band downlink on 2403.00MHZ have been coordinated**
Application Date: 30 May 2013   Freq coordination completed on 10 Jun 2013

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