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Phonesat-v1 Updated: 28 Apr 2012   Responsible Operator Carmen Felix Chaidez KJ6KRW
Supporting Organisation NASA Ames Research Center  
Contact Person carmen felix.c@gmail.com  
Headline Details: Headline Details: PhoneSat is a technology demonstration mission intended to prove that a smartphone can be used to perform many of the functions required of a spacecraft bus. There will be two PhoneSat v1’s and one PhoneSat v2 onboard this mission. The PhoneSat v1 satellite is built around the Nexus One smartphone and the PhoneSat v2 around the Nexus S smartphone; both of which will be running the Android operating system and will be enclosed in a standard 1U cubesat structure. The main function of the phone on both satellite versions is to act as the Onboard Computer, but the mission will also utilize the phone’s SD card for data storage, 5MP camera for Earth Observation, and 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis magnetometer for Attitude Determination. PhoneSat v1 will operate on battery power only with a mission lifetime of approx 1 week. PhoneSat v2 will operate on battery power with solar panels on each face and a mission lifetime until de-orbit of approximately 2 weeks. Both PhoneSat v2 and the two PhoneSat v1’s will have a UHF downlink using AFSK AX25 packet. PhoneSat v2 will have an additional Microhard MHX2420 transceiver. An orbit of 270x270km 51.6 degree inclination with a launch on a Taurus II from Wallops Flight Facility is planned.June 21st 2012 is the NET launch date. A frequency of 437.425MHz has been coordinated.
Application Date: 21 May 2011   Freq coordination completed on 09 Jun 2011

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