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Diwata-2 Updated: 10 Apr 2018   Responsible Operator Izrael Zenar Bautista DV1PUI
Supporting Organisation PHL-MIcrosat  
Contact Person izrael.bautista@eee.upd.edu.ph  
Headline Details: Diwata-2 is a 50x50x50 cm microsatellite with estimated mass of 50kg. Diwata-2 will carry optical payloads that will support the following objectives: Determining the extent of damages from disasters. Monitoring natural and cultural heritage sites. Monitoring changes in vegetation. Observing cloud patterns and weather disturbances. These paylaods will use non-amateur S and X Band frequencies. In addition to these optical payloads, Diwata-2 will also carry an amateur radio unit. This payload is intended to promote awareness and interest in amateur radios and satellite technology in the country. It is also intends to provide an alternative means of communication at times of disasters and emergencies. Proposing a U/V FM transponder with APRS and CW beacon. Planning a launch from Tanegashima, Japan into a 613km polar orbit in Q2 2018. More information is available here http://phl-microsat.upd.edu.ph/diwata2 ** FM downlink for voice, APRS and telemetry on 145.900 MHz and an FM voice uplink on 437.500 MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 24 Nov 2017   Freq coordination completed on 10 Apr 2018

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