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Dande Updated: 03 Jun 2013   Responsible Operator Brian Sanders AC0RY
Supporting Organisation CU-Colorado Space Grant Consortium  
Contact Person brian.sanders@colorado.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: DANDE is a 50 kg, spherical spacecraft, 50 cm in diameter, being developed at the Colorado Space Grant Consortium in conjunction with the Aerospace Engineering Sciences department at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The spacecraft will carry a mass spectrometer, wind sensor, and accelerometers in order to collect in-situ measurements of drag and atmospheric properties. These instruments will measure neutral composition, winds, and density in low-earth orbit. Radar tracking will be used in conjunction with this unique in-situ drag data to obtain coefficient of drag measurements between 350 and 100 km. No launch arrangements have yet been made but a 2 metre uplink and a 70cm telemetry downlink has been requested. Further information can be found at http://dande.colorado.edu/. Original application received Nov 2007. Updated documentation received 03/08/2009. The group have been unable to change their hardware to use a coordinated frequency proposed by the panel. They will therefore operate on 436.750MHz under an experimental license from the FCC. Will use a 38k4 downlink. A launch as a secondary payload of the DANDE spacecraft is scheduled for July 2013 on a SpaceX Falcon V.1.1 vehicle from VAFB, CA
Application Date: 03 Aug 2009   Freq coordination completed on 15 Feb 2010

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