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SOMP2b Updated: 27 Jan 2020   Responsible Operator Yves Bartling DO7BY
Supporting Organisation Technische Universität Dresden,  
Contact Person yves.baertling@tu-dresden.de.nospam  
Headline Details: SOMP2 (Student on Orbit Measurement Project 2) is an experimental 2U CubeSat with about 20 x 10 x 10 cm3 size and about 2 kg mass. The project has three main missions: - Education of students, young engineers and enthusiasts throughout the development of a 2U CubeSat - Development, implementation and operation of a packet radio digipeater to allow message forwarding in the amateur satellite band 435-438 MHz - Development and operation of payload experiments. The development of the nano satellite SOMP2 is understood as an educational project, allowing students of various disciplines to apply lessons from their studies in a hands-on experience. As the educational aspect is one of main goals of the mission most of the components have been developed by students and enthusiasts at the TU Dresden. As part of the SOMP2b development a packet radio digipeater is implemented and shall serve the worldwide amateur radio community during operation. Hence, the service area XAA is chosen for the modified ITU filing of SOMP2b which consequently allows for the beneficial use of the SOMP2b satellite network by the amateur radio community. Furthermore, it is planned to share or re-use the same frequency range 435.6 MHz for SOMP2b as used by the CUBESAT-UWE-4 satellite filing which has been notified with XAA service area by the ITU and which was also coordinated with IARU-R1 before. On local level, the involvement of young radio amateurs in the set-up and operation of the ground control station shall raise and increase interest and popularity in amateur radio activities. This will furthermore be amplified by the integration in the educational scheme and events to introduce SOMP2b to the amateur radio community in the future. Since the launch of our very first CubeSat SOMP we had the support and exchange with local radio amateurs and the German School Station DLØIKT. In addition, there are three payload experiments which were developed as part of the educational scheme during the development of SOMP2: FIPEX will measure the time resolved behaviour of atomic oxygen. CiREX will characterise the change of the electrical properties of carbon nanotubes under the influence of space conditions. And the TEG payload will explore the potential of thermoelectric generators for energy harvesting within the limits of a CubeSat. Throughout the main operational phase the scientific payloads shall mainly be operated by local radio amateurs in cooperation with the principal investigators. Proposing a 9k6 GMSK UHF downlink. ** A downlink on 435.600 MHz has been coordinated**
Application Date: 21 Nov 2019   Freq coordination completed on 27 Jan 2020

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