IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

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P-Sat-A & P-Sat-B Updated: 20 Oct 2010   Responsible Operator Ryan Johnson K3FOR
Supporting Organisation US Naval Academy Amateur Radio Club  
Contact Person Johnsonr@telecomsys.com.nosspam  
Headline Details: Serving as an amateur transponder for unattended and attended amateur radio data sources and sensors, the orbiting satellite will collect data from experimental project sources such as: floating buoys, wilderness travelers, and relay the data to amateur radio users worldwide, including volunteer ground stations around the world. All ground stations feed the internet for worldwide unrestricted access to the data. A secondary mission of PSAT is support for an auxiliary payload, either an ODTML transponder (not in the amateur satellite service) or amateur PSK-31 transponder. Psat is actually a pair of identical 1.5U cubesats (A and B) deployed at the same time from the same depolyer. They will use 1 RF channel on VHF (145.825MHz) up and downlink for the APRS environmental relay mission. There may also be an ODTML system (406 MHz) operating out of the amateur bands (and separately authorized) on one Psat and a PSK-31 Ten-meter propagation monitor listening on 28.120 MHz and downlinking on 435.275 MHz FM on the other Psat. Anticipated launch from Kwajalin Atoll in April 2011 into a 450km orbit. ** 145.825MHz APRS 435.350MHz downlink and 28.120MHz monitoring receiver have been coordinated** More info from www.aprs.org/psat.html
Application Date: 13 Oct 2010   Freq coordination completed on 19 Oct 2010

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