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Brite-PL1 Updated: 21 Mar 2011   Responsible Operator Marcin Stolarski SQ5FNQ
Supporting Organisation Space Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences  
Contact Person marcin.stolarski@cbk.waw.pl.nospam  
Headline Details: BRITE-PL 1 is one of the satellites of the BRITE Constellation. “BRIght Target Explorer Constellation,” is a group of up to six nano-satellites whose purpose is to photometrically measure low-level oscillations and temperature variations in the sky’s 286 stars brighter than visual magnitude 3.5, with unprecedented precision and time sampling not achievable through terrestrial-based methods. The three-axis pointing performance (1 arc minute rms stability) of each BRITE satellite is a significant advancement over anything that has ever flown before on a nano-satellite and is an important factor that enables the high precision photometry mission.The spacecraft is 20x20x20cm and has a mass of approx 7kg. Proposing the use of 437.xxMHz for uplinks and S Band downlinks in the 2.2GHz Space Research or Earth Exploration Service for downlinks. No launch has been identified but a sun synchronous or polar orbit is planned. ** An uplink/command frequency has been provided to the group** More info from http://www.brite-pl.pl/
Application Date: 16 Aug 2010   Freq coordination completed on 21 Mar 2011

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