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Omotenashi Updated: 12 Dec 2016   Responsible Operator Atushi Tomiki JQ1ZVI
Supporting Organisation JAXA Ham Radio Club  
Contact Person tomiki.atsushi@jaxa.jp.nospam  
Headline Details: OMOTENASHI is one of the EM-1 CubeSat missions which will be launched by the NASA/SLS rocket (EM-1) together with the main mission of ORION experimental module on 31th July 2018 (TBD). JAXA Ham Radio Club is going to utilize the flight demonstration opportunity of the OMOTENASHI mission to conduct the following amateur radio missions. (i) To conduct technological researches with respect to receiving ultra-weak UHF signal from a space probe toward the moon (ii) To conduct an outreach activity providing amateur radio operators all over the world with an opportunity to try to receive signals from moon region. OMOTENASHI is a 6U-CubeSat with external dimensions of 239×366×113 mm and an approximate mass of 14 kg. OMOTENASHI consists of three modules: orbiting module, retro motor module, and surface probe. During the moon transfer orbit, these modules are integrated. When OMOTENASHI arrives at the moon, the surface probe will be separated and conduct semi-hard landing. OMOTENASHI is actively controlled by ultra-small attitude control system including star tracker, sun sensor, IMU, reaction wheel, and cold gas jet thruster. During the moon transfer orbit, OMOTENASHI may be spin-stabilized due to the strict resources.For further details, please see: http://www.isas.jaxa.jp/home/hashimoto-lab/OMOTENASHI/OMOTENASHItoutline.pdf Proposing UHF CM/PSK/PM/PSK31 beacons, with 1 watt RF, on both the orbiting module and the surface probe. CisLunar explorer, MIT KitCube and Lunar IceCube are expected to share the same launch. ** Downlink frequencies of 437.310 and 437.410 MHz have been coordinated**
Application Date: 01 Dec 2016   Freq coordination completed on 12 Dec 2016

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