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PharmaSat Updated: 10 Aug 2009   Responsible Operator Michael Miller KE7EGC
Supporting Organisation Cntr for Robotic Exploration & Space Technologies  
Contact Person mlmiller@intellus.us.nospam  
Headline Details: PharmaSat will be in a low earth orbit at 40 degrees inclination. This submission is for a beacon on board PharmaSat. The orbit should be nearly circular with an altitude of 390 Km at the start of the mission, degrading to 200km after approx 250 to 300 days, at which time it would de-orbit. There will be a 150mW UHF beacon operating with 1200baud AX25 packet for 1/2 sec every 5 secs. Command and control will use an experimental licence in the 2.4GHZ ISM band. The satellite will be a triple cubesat with a mass of approx 4kg. See http://www.inwspace.org/genesatbeacon_fig1.htm for more info. The launch is planned for Dec 2007 from Wallops Island, USA. The co-ordinated downlink frequency is 437.465MHz
Application Date: 25 Jan 2007   Freq coordination completed on 30 Jan 2007

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